This format is perfect for those who want to go to a deep place in their marriage in a short amount of time. The marriage intensive experience allows space for your head and heart to reconnect - with yourself and with your spouse. 

This is not meant for couples in crisis. It's best for couples that want a "jump start" - taking the next step toward more security and closeness. It can also be a wonderful alternative for couples that have a hard time making weekly sessions work (job demands, childcare, etc).

For the best results, have an EFT therapist lined up for follow up work after the intensive.

For current clients, we can discuss expectations for the intensive during a session in my office. For out of town clients or local candidates, a phone call is required to make sure this is the best format for your marriage at this time (and for you to make sure I'm the best fit for you). 

Typically the intensive is during daytime hours on three days over the course of a week. The intensive is held in one of my offices. The specific days of the week/time changes depending on my schedule and time of year.

The cost for the entire intensive is $3,000.

An example of a typical intensive schedule:

Tuesday - 2 hours in the morning, break for lunch on own, 2-3 hours in the afternoon

Thursday - same as Tuesday

Saturday/Sunday/or following Tuesday - same as above, with adjustments depending on where we are in the process.

I can tailor the schedule to your needs, but we'll decide the end time each day so you can plan accordingly (for childcare, other obligations, etc).

For more information, please email me at