If you are interested in supervision (working toward a license in Marriage and Family Therapy), and want specific EFT influence, email me for more information ( My rate is $85 per clinical hour for individual supervision. You can share this time (dyadic supervision) with one other therapist and split the cost.

I host a monthly EFT supervision group on Wednesdays in my downtown Franklin office. The specific time and date is determined a month out. My group supervision rate is $35 per clinical hour. I require 4 participants to have group (and cap it at 8). Any less than 4, group is canceled until the next month. To register for group supervision, please email me (

I can also supervise for those that want to become certified in EFT. My rate for EFT certification supervision is $120 per clinical hour. Supervision for EFT certification can also be dyadic (and the cost split). For EFT certification, I can supervise online or in person. Email me to inquire about EFT certification supervision (