Some people think because I'm a therapist, I must have the perfect marriage.

If you're a therapist reading this: you and I both know we don't have superpowers when it comes to our own relationships. In fact, sometimes our knowledge gets in the way. My marriage is wonderful, but we had to work hard to get where we are. We're not immune.

My friend and colleague, Tressa Gibbs, LCSW, and I are passionate about providing a place for therapists & their spouses. We offer an annual retreat - a getaway (if only for two days). This is a chance to experience what you labor to give your clients. Sit in the seat of your clients and see first hand what it's like to explore your relationship. This retreat is full of opportunities for new conversations - ones that will change your relationship.

  • Hold Me Tight Marriage Enrichment, Weekend for Therapists & Their Spouses - 2019 / COMING SOON! (We’re in planning stages right now - we’ll post dates as soon as we know them)

  • Location - Franklin, TN

  • For those coming from out of town - we'll hook you up with hotel options minutes away

We will be working through curriculum based on Dr. Sue Johnson's book, "Hold Me Tight." Sue Johnson recently wrote a book with Kenny Sanderfer, LMFT (a local favorite EFT counselor) titled "Created for Connection." Either book can be used for this weekend. "Created for Connection" is written from a Christian perspective. Sue Johnson is the founder of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). 

**This weekend is not designed for couples in crisis. It is great for couples in a rut or for couples who are doing well and want to deepen their bond. Also, there will be no pressure to talk in the group setting. For breakouts - each couple will have a place for private conversations with just your spouse. If you need it - there will be trained EFT therapists available to help.