I’ve found and experienced one truth that keeps me going as a therapist, mom, daughter, friend, sister and wife.  We are all created to connect.  We are hard wired to be relational creatures.

If you search way down to the bottom of every disconnection, you will find a creation message. Let me define that for you.

Creation messages are fears and longings that point us to how we’re made (relational) and where we are (imperfect).

Even though we are built to connect, we’re afraid to because we have experienced many instances of painful disconnection. The fear in our creation messages proves that we’re made relationally.  For example, we wouldn’t have the fear of not being wanted if we weren’t designed to be wanted.

Instead of sharing these messages, we thwart connection.  We demand, attack, defend, withdraw, shut down. Every painful word, action and silence can find it’s way back to a creation message. "You don’t want me." "I’m not enough for you." "You won’t be there for me." "I’m too much for you."

My passion is to move people toward their creation messages – embracing them, sharing them and healing them, bit by bit. There is no shame in wanting deep connection. You were made for it.